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START - Letort Park

  • Travel West on E. Pomfret St. to The Salvation Army Parking Lot

STOP #1 - Salvation Army

  • Go back out onto E. Pomfret St. and
  • Continue West on Pomfret St. to West St.
  • Turn North on West St. and proceed to the Bosler Library Parking Lot

STOP #2 - Bosler Parking Lot

  • Go back out onto West St and
  • Continue North on N. West St. to W. Penn St.
  • Proceed To Hope Station

STOP #3 - Hope Station

  • Go back out onto N. West St. and
  • Continue North to C St.
  • Turn West on C St. and
  • Go to Factory St.
  • Turn North on Factory St. and
  • Proceed to the Carlisle Tool Library

STOP #4 - Carlisle Tool Library

  • Go Back out onto Factory St. and
  • Continue North to D St.
  • Turn East on D St. and
  • Go to Fairgrounds Ave.
  • Turn South/SouthEast on Fairgrounds Ave. and
  • Proceed to Chen’s Parking Lot

STOP #5 - Chen's Parking Lot

  • Go Out onto N. Hanover St. and
  • Continue south to North St.
  • Turn East onto North St.
  • Proceed To Biddle Mission Park

FINISH - Biddle Mission Park